Enjoy Turkey at its finest: Liberty Hotels Lykia

Are you looking for a coastline that has the legendary turquoise colour created by the reflecting sunlight? If your answer is a yes, your destination should definitely be the Liberty Hotels Lykia.
Enjoy Turkey at its finest: Liberty Hotels Lykia

Since its opening, the Liberty Hotels Lykia has received many prestigious awards as guests can have a great time during their stay here, in a heavenly piece of paradise in a corner of Turkey’s South-western coastline.

The hotel is based at the foot of the Babadag mountains on an area of 370000 square metres which is surrounded by gorgeous gardens and pine trees. It has a 650 metre long private beach where the turquoise and blue waters of the Mediterranean merges with the Aegean sea. The nearest airport is Dalaman airport which is located 71 kilometres away from the hotel. Ölüdeniz, the resort centre is only 3 kilometre away and the nearest town, Fethiye is 5 km away. It is really worth the time and energy to get to this place as it is truly an amazing and magnificently beautiful place.

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You can enjoy the nice coastline where you can find different kind of bars also. The sea is beautiful there, so probably all of the guests enjoy just being and relaxing on the beach. If this was not enough for you, you can find other opportunities behind the beach, for example there is a basketball court, climbing wall, football pitches, fitness areas, beach volleyball and of course water sports activities. The “Patara” bar is a fantastic place for a cool hangout along to watch the sun setting across the Aegean sea. At the end of the beach there is the “children’s beach” which has been created only for families with young children or babies. The whole hotel is a family-friendly environment so that guests can enjoy the vacation with big families and children as well.

Also, the luxury hotel has breathtaking pools, where everyone takes great and unique selfies. You can swim in Turkey’s first infinity pool or you can relax by the Pamukkale pool. And of course you can have fun in the Liberty pool too. There is a wide range of possibilities if we talk about pools at Liberty Hotels Lykia.

Guests can book in advance different kind of rooms, but all of them are quite spacious so that these are perfect for families. Newly-weds can use the honeymoon suite which has a private jacuzzi too.

The fancy hotel has many restaurants which has Turkish and international cuisine as well. Additionally, you can enjoy the flavours of the sea as the restaurants have amazing sea food opportunities. Also, you have the very best bar options too such as the Lagoon Bar, the Tylos Forest Bar, the Sarpedon Bar, the Patara Beach Bar, the Apollon Area Bar and of course you can dance all night long in the Apollon Disco Bar.

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Here you can check out our ratings:

Location - ****

Style and character - *****

Luxury and elegance - *****

Cleanliness - *****

Service and facilities- *****

Spa - *****

Food and drink - *****

Rooms - *****

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